April 13, 2008, 11:26 p.m.

My Main Problem with Google App Engine

The community. It's completely full of ungrateful idiots. I mean, sure, some people are doing some really cool stuff in there, but you can't find it because of the complaints.

I signed up the night it was announced, and got an RSS feed from the google group. I expected lots of interesting hackery going on. What I found instead was people complaining about python and how there's no ruby and how there's no java and how there's no c# and how there's no... cold fusion? Seriously? Learn a new tool and see what this free service can do for you, or don't sign up because it doesn't do what you want.

So some of the users moved over to the issue tracker and started filing feature requests there. That's great. I starred some of the features that were interesting to me. I eventually had to unstar many of them because people keep writing +1 comments. A +1 comment on a bug tracker means, Hey everybody! Look at me! I can't figure out how to do proper priority adjustment, so I'm going to spam everyone with something completely useless.

Case in point.

Now, I have managed to find some people who are actually willing to evaluate the actual offering from google and comment on how it works and all that. There's some signal in there, but it's really frustrating to find any.

This is a google bug. Someone point me to the issue so I can star it. Google: I implore you. Fix your bug tracker so that it is useful again. Let people know how to vote in a really obvious manner. If anyone posts a comment that's fewer than three characters or starts with a plus sign or something, revoke his/her programming license.

For GAE itself, I have an overall good feeling for it. It's simple, yet is designed in such a way that it should be possible to scale to huge numbers of database-backed queries. I like python. BigTable is new to me, but still somewhat exciting. I find many of the constraints of GAE to be beyond what I'm capable of doing for a similar price anywhere else, so it seems like progress to me.

Update: Tue Apr 15 12:45:59 PDT 2008

It looks like google heard my cries and at least cleaned up that bug. I speak for the community when I thank you.

BTW, be sure to star the +1 comment bug at google hosting itself.

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